Russia flag
After the United Kingdom and Sweden our travels around the world are leading us to what the natives call “Mother Russia”, the largest country in the world!

After a very turbulent history including a few decades as the Communist Soviet Union, Russia, or Russian Federation, now is a “federal semi-presidential republic”, which means that there is a president and a premier minister, who are both influential in the politics. Moscow is the capital of this federation of 83 provinces, republics, territories, districts and cities.

The national language is Russian, a Slavic language, but there also are 27 other semi-official languages throughout different regions of the country as well as more than 100 minority languages.

Due to the fact that Russia spans nine (!) time zones, the climate is fairly diverse. From subarctic (Northeast Siberia is where the Northern Pole of Cold is located with the record low temperature of −71.2 °C or −96.2 °F) over humid continental to subtropical on the Black Sea, you can find almost everything.

The Russian cuisine is fairly diverse, but at the same time is still often based on the peasant food of the harsher climates of Russia, with lots of poultry, fish, game, mushrooms, seasonal vegetables and grains, with plenty of soups and stews.

To learn a bit more about Russia, here you can find our passport and colouring placemat to download and enjoy!

Please visit the various blogs who link their posts with crafts, recipes and more about Russia.

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